Protecting a mama gator and her eggs in Lafayette

(Source: KATC-TV, Lafayette)
(Source: KATC-TV, Lafayette)

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Felix Vail enters a plea today in the murder of his wife more than 50 years ago in Lake Charles.  KPLC's Lee Peck was in the courtroom and will join us in the studio with the update.

If you know anything about the campus of UL Lafayette, you know about Cypress Lake. It's home to all sorts of wildlife, and soon it will be home to baby alligators. An alligator at the lake has an estimated 100 eggs waiting to be hatched. At noon, we'll tell you how school officials are trying to keep the mama gator and the public safe.

Also today, advances in technology let doctors do amazing things to help their patients recover. However, they're finding that a simple tune can have a powerful impact on a person's health.

Plus, a look at a solution when your cell phone signal is out of range. Do cell signal boosters work? Find out at noon.

In weather, Ben says look out, we could see some brief, but heavy showers at any time today.   This should hold back the temperatures to the upper 80's. What about tonight, and how's our Tuesday shaping up rain-wise? Get all the answers during Ben's live, local forecast at noon. And remember, you can always check out weather info 24/7 HERE.

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