Mother claims SPAR doesn't accommodate for special needs

Mother claims SPAR doesn't accommodate for special needs

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - SPAR Waterpark is being accused of not accommodating children with special needs.

Kalyn Pedigo said she won't return to the park any time soon.

"People usually say she's so cute and they try to help out as much as possible, but this is the first time I was told there's nothing we can do to help her," said Pedigo.

Pedigo took her daughter to SPAR this past week.

The mother said SPAR officials told her they can't break rules, even though her daughter can't stand up, walk or crawl by herself.

"The float that we use for her prevents her from dipping in the water and they told us we couldn't use it," said Pedigo.

Pedigo said she then asked to go down the slide with her daughter, but a lifeguard and manager told her only one-person could slide at a time.

"I understand you can't build an entire water park for her, but allowing me to go on a slide with her really isn't a big deal," said Pedigo.

SPAR officials said they apologize for the incident and that it will be handled differently next time.

"I am willing to accept an apology as long as they are willing to make long term accommodations for special needs within reason," said Pedigo.

Pedigo's determined to make sure other children with disabilities are afforded the same opportunities at facilities like SPAR.

"I hope more parents will stand up for their kids, because if we don't stand up for them no one will," said Pedigo.

Although Pedigo does accept the apology from the water park, she said she's still going to send a formal complaint to the American Disabilities Act.

SPAR officials said they hope to personally apologize to Pedigo. They also said accommodating special need children is something they do.

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