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I wanna know: How to find ring hauled to garbage dump

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Have you ever lost something important or valuable that you think went out with the trash?
Maybe dentures or a pair of glasses or even a card or envelope with money in it?

A woman from the Lafayette area has endured frustration and disappointment over the next month trying to find her mother's ring.

Linda Seaux says her mother's gold band was accidentally thrown out with the trash on May 29, which means by now it's buried at the Jeff Davis Parish Landfill in Welsh.  By the time Seaux realized the ring was gone and called on June 3,  she says she nobody would help her. "I called. After I called the landfill they would not help me.  All they would say is it's gone, it's gone.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  There's nothing we can do.  It's gone.  Go buy your mama another ring," said Seaux.

Landfill officials say Seaux's garbage would have been combined with loads of other trucks and then hauled to the landfill.   The landfill gets about 1100 tons of trash every day.  So,  after just a week the bag with the ring would likely be buried under about 7000 tons of trash.

Landfill officials say the policy is:  If someone has lost something valuable or important, and they can catch the truck in time, they will pull it to the side and let them search. Otherwise they say it's physically impossible, unsafe and too expensive.

Still, Seaux keeps asking. "If they would want to dig it up and find the bag because I know how I tie my bag.  If there's anybody who has a machine with a front loader that would be willing to help.  for a 91 year old woman that cries every night for her ring and talks in her sleep and talks to God and says, 'please God, bring back my ring.' I would appreciate it," said Seaux.

And why doesn't she just go buy Mama a ring? "She knows her ring," insists Seaux.

So, if it happens to you  track down the truck same day if possible...  otherwise, probably best to let your regrets go the way of the lost treasure.  

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