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And the best tasting water is...

You expect your water to look good, taste good and hopefully, not to have an odor.

Today water districts went up against each other in a contest at the Louisiana Rural Water Association conference underway at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Three system operators were randomly chosen at the conference to do blind testing of drinking water.  This year only eight districts entered. The judges rate water samples on clarity, odor and taste.

Points are tallied and the winner is Jeff Davis Parish Waterworks District #4, which serves the Hathaway area north of Jennings.

District 4 Director Tony Sonnier is thrilled  to hear.  "It's awesome to be involved in this conference and to have our water entered in the taste test  and to actually win," said Sonnier.

He says they have good water coming from the Chicot aquifer underground.  Otherwise,  there's no magic formula. "Your chlorine helps oxidize iron and stuff and it disinfects the water.  And then making sure your filters and everything are working right with all the chemicals together," said Sonnier.

One of the things the judges liked best about the winning water is that you couldn't taste the chlorine in it.  "It had a very cool and crisp flavor.  It flowed very well.  It did not have any odor.  It did not have any heavy mineral flavor and did not have any chlorine residual flavor like some of the other," said Kevin Heisse who runs the Lake Charles wastewater system and was one of the drinking water judges.  "There was quite a difference in the water.  Some of them were very mineral taste.  Some were very light tasting. Some had an odor to them. Some had no odor at all," said Heisse.

District four now gets to compete in a national taste test in February in Washington D.C.

Lake Charles did not participate in the taste contest.  Water superintendent Russell Buckels says they were busy with other things and not aware of the contest.

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