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Veterans' service, sacrifice honored in Jennings

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Gov. Bobby Jindal was in Jennings on Wednesday to award over 40 veterans with a special Louisiana Medal of Honor.

Whether it's a Congressional Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart or the Louisiana Medal of Honor, the country and state have committed to recognizing veterans.

That commitment continued Wednesday in Jennings. On the receiving end were members of the Cormier family. They are no strangers to war.

"We come from a long line of military, so it's in our blood," said Mark Cormier.

The Cormiers were recognized for their service on Wednesday. Both brothers were awarded the Louisiana Medal of Honor.

"It was just tremendous... I just wished my oldest brother, who served, too, could have been here and we could have all three got it. He's already got his, he lives in Alabama now," Mark Cormier said.

Jindal said the medal is just a small token of appreciation to men and women who give everything.

"Since we've started this program, we've given out literally tens of thousands of medals to our veterans to thank them for serving us to thank them for running toward danger not away from it so that we can live in the greatest country in the entire world," Jindal said.

The medal is awarded to all Louisiana veterans honorably discharged and to the families of those killed in action.

"It's just amazing that the State of Louisiana is starting to show their thanks for the veterans. When I served at that time ... it wasn't quite like that ... But now it's an honor," said Mark Cormier.

Jindal said recognizing veterans on the eve of Independence Day is no mistake.

"The fourth is a great time for BBQ and fireworks. It's a great holiday... It's also a great time to remember that it's our country's birthday. We should be grateful ... Let's thank our veterans," he said.

You can get more information on the medals and how to apply HERE.

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