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BayouCon brings fantasy to life


Fantasy came to life this weekend at BayouCon 2013. A one-stop shop for all things comic book, anime and fantasy play, the two-day event brought together comic book enthusiasts for a wide variety of activities.

Most people who attended BayouCon dressed the part -- wearing their favorite super hero or alter ego costume.

Also on hand at the event were several well-known comic book and anime illustrators.

Those we talked to said it's all about having a good time and meeting new people who share the same interests.

Neysha Perry and friends were painted green and dressed as the Orion slave girls from the original Star Trek series.

"We love dressing up and painting ourselves green. We love the attention and taking pictures with all the kids. We also dance and entertain the crowds. It's just a lot of fun," said Perry.

Wearing head to toe pink, Angelika Moneg, was dressed as Princess Lollipop.

"It's so much fun to be somebody else for the weekend. You are who you are but whenever you get to dress up and become this other person -- you get to be different, you get to be an adventurer. It's just fun," said Moneg.

For Johnny Segura creating anime and comic book art is more than a hobby. Self taught, Segura has been doing it for as long as he can remember and now does it full time.

"Most of the stuff I do I legitimately like. If I wasn't getting paid to do this I would still be drawing all the time. It's a passion for me. It does not feel like a job," said Segura. "I still can't believe people pay money for my stuff. It's great when people say I like that and want to buy it from you."  

BayouCon continues Sunday at Chateau De Calcasieu Event Center -- located at 932 Enterprise Boulevard.

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