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Tips to keep the A/C running


It definitely feels like summer in Southwest Louisiana and it's only going to get hotter.

Nobody wants their air conditioning units to break down, so here are some tips on what you should know before something goes wrong with your A/C.

"One of the biggest issues we've got extremely hot weather already and when we get above 95-degrees ambient temperature outside, a lot of the units will not produce like they should," said Lewis Moreno with Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors.

Moreno said one of the most important things a homeowner can do is to change the air filter on a regular basis.

"A dirty filter will cause restricted air flow," he said. "Improper air flow is detrimental to the unit. We've got to have the proper amount of air flow through that coil in order to give the tonnage they're capable of doing."

And ceiling fans can help with that air flow along with lowering the cost of your monthly energy bill.

"They [homeowners] can actually raise their temperature on the thermostat, raise the setting about two degrees and they won't notice any difference in temperature," Moreno said.

Another helpful tip is to keep plants away from the outside units by at least one foot.

When mowing your lawn, keep grass clippings away from the unit because it could plug up the coils that help keep the cool air blowing. 

And if for some reason your breaker trips, call someone who's qualified to take a look at it.

"If you catch it early enough, you might be able to save something that could cost you quite a bit of money up front early on instead of if you reset it and reset it, it'll eventually fail and then you're going to have to end up replacing the whole unit," Moreno said.

He said one way to remember to check the filter is to do it when your energy bill arrives every month. It will not only keep the air flowing and your home cool, but it might even save you some money.

Helpful hints on how to stay cool this summer.

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