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Jeff Davis celebrates 100 years


There was a centennial celebration of sorts on Wednesday in Jeff Davis Parish.

Jan. 1 marked the 100th anniversary of Jeff Davis Parish.

One hundred years ago, Jeff Davis Parish was carved out of Calcasieu Parish and has continued to grow.

As a way to mark the milestone, a special service was held.

"We wanted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the creation of our parish which was actually Jan. 1, 1913. We were carved out of Calcasieu Parish at that time and became a parish on that date. Historically, the bar association has presented a portrait to the court just to recognize past and present public officials in the parish. The parish was split off and became a parish on its own. We shared judges and D.A.'s for the first 50 years in the parish and were created as a judicial district in 1953," Arceneaux said.

Arceneaux said Jeff Davis is a great place to live.

"Probably the most significant thing that has happened in what is now Jeff Davis Parish was the discovery of oil. The quality of the officials we've had over the years and hopefully, we're carrying on that tradition and will continue to carry on that tradition for years. It's just a great place," said Arceneaux.

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