Matter over LC company releasing black dust headed to court

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Despite being told to shut operations down, an industrial company accused of polluting a Lake Charles neighborhood with black dust continues to operate.

Industrial Carbon Services repackages petro coke. In that process, black dust is released which has spread on to the property of residents living on North General Wainwright Drive. The residents have complained about the dust since November.

Last week, the Lake Charles City Council told the company to stop processing the material in the building on the west side of their property, where they are only zoned to warehouse material. This comes after the Lake Charles Planning and Zoning Board denied the company special exceptions to operate in two separate buildings on the property.

The company has filed a temporary restraining order against the City of Lake Charles and is looking for a preliminary injunction to stop the city from enforcing its zoning code.

"Industrial Carbon Services is going to be arguing they will suffer irreparable harm if they don't have a preliminary injunction pending the final hearing. And my position would be you can't grant an injunction because the citizens would be the ones suffering the irreparable harm. You are just going to lose a little money, but they can't fix the irritation that they have had in that time," said Billy Loftin, Lake Charles City Attorney.

A hearing is set for Thursday, June 27.

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