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Your week in pop culture: 'Catfish' is your guilty pleasure, Jay-Z, Samsung team up

'Catfish: The TV Show' makes you never want to talk to anyone online without a thorough background check. (Source: YouTube) 'Catfish: The TV Show' makes you never want to talk to anyone online without a thorough background check. (Source: YouTube)
Jay-Z may be giving up on Twitter too soon with a huge promotional push for his upcoming album. (Source: Twitter) Jay-Z may be giving up on Twitter too soon with a huge promotional push for his upcoming album. (Source: Twitter)

(RNN) – For those looking for a summer guilty pleasure, start watching Catfish: The TV Show.

The MTV show is based on the 2010 documentary film of the same name. The film followed Nev Schulman, a guy who was falling in love with a woman online who turned out not to be a real person.

Fast forward to Tuesday, as the show picks up again to follow Schulman and his friend Max Joseph as they travel the country, following the requests of people who could be getting played by the person they are falling for online. Classic MTV reality TV.

The season debut focused on Cassie, as she discovered the man she was falling for was really her best girlfriend trying to stop her from becoming a wayward woman.  No, I am not making this up.

The definition of the slang term catfish is someone who creates false identities on the internet to pursue romantic relationships. Insert Manti Te'o joke [here].

Just know this – a good TV show should always begin with an email that reads, "Help me meet my fiancé."

Everybody hates A-Rod…or so he thinks

Alex Rodriguez's season of discontent may be approaching catastrophic levels...in his mind.

The 14-time all-star third baseman – who is currently in the fifth year of a 10-year, $275 million contract with the New York Yankees – hasn't played an inning of baseball in 2013.

The reason: a hip injury that made Rodriguez, 37, an underachieving, overpaid scapegoat during the 2012 postseason, where the Yankees were swept during the American League Championship Series by the Detroit Tigers.

But A-Rod and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman don't appear to have a mutual understanding on his return. Rodriguez tweeted Tuesday that his doctor gave him the go-ahead to begin playing ball. However, the Yankees are being cautions, fueling A-Rod to believe that it's being done on purpose to collect on an insurance policy, dump his large salary or both, according to ESPN.

Another contradicting roadblock -  it was reported Thursday that A-Rod may have told Yankees officials his 2013 return could be doubtful during a conference call Wednesday.

Rodriguez has also been linked to another performance-enhancing drugs scandal surrounding the Biogenesis clinic in Miami. Sources told ESPN that the suffering slugger believes the Yankees could be holding off his return to see if the MLB will levy any suspensions in the case, which is currently being investigated.

Another rumor - Rodriguez may take an injury-induced retirement before any of these other concerns happen, where he could get all of his owed money - a staggering near $100 million - while avoiding any PED-induced discipline.

Yankees management has denied all of these rumors, claiming they want "Alex [Rodriguez] back as quickly as possible." Meanwhile, the Yankees slum around the middle of the American League East.

New releases knock ‘Man of Steel' out of No. 1

Disney-Pixar's Monsters University and the new Brad Pitt sci-fi thriller World War Z knocked the latest Superman movie Man of Steel and the end of days comedy This is the End out of the top two spots this week.

Here is the top five, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to weekend gross):

  1. Monsters University - $82,429,469
  2. World War Z - $66,411,834
  3. Man of Steel - $41,287,206
  4. This is the End - $13,290,642
  5. Now You See Me - $7,876,008

New releases this weekend and next begin preparations for the summers' hottest week to release movies – July 4.

June 28

The Heat –The buddy cop movie stars Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and comedy actress Melissa McCartney as a law enforcement odd couple.

White House Down – Featuring two actors the ladies love – Jamie Foxx as the president and Channing Tatum half naked trying to save the world. Should be fun.

Some Girl(s)COOL INDIE FLICK ALERT – A limited release, but features everyone's favorite dorky heartthrob from the The O.C. Adam Brody trying to make up for bad relationships before he gets hitched.

July 3-5

The Lone Ranger – A reboot of the 1950s television series of the same name follows a Native American warrior named Tonto (Johnny Depp) and his Wild West crime-fighting partnership with the Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer). Is it just me, or is Disney - like most women - obsessed with Johnny Depp?

Despicable Me 2 – The sequel to the popular 2010 animation film finds the evil Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) being asked to help fight a super villain on the rise.

Twitter trolling: Jay-Z quits Twitter, promotes album with Samsung

Hip-hop kingpin Jay-Z and cell phone giant Samsung teamed up to release his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail in a new, interactive way.

The deal is to release the album to the first 1 million customers who download the free app. The deal costs Samsung a reported $5 million. The app is only available on the Samsung Galaxy S III, IV and Galaxy Note II. Users began downloading the interactive app from the Google Play Store on June 24.

Users will be able to download the album three days before its July 4 release.

Jay-Z followed the announcement with a broad statement on Twitter June 17, saying, "OK, that was my yearly allotment see ya'll 2014..#newrules #magnacartaholygrail."

Despite having more than 2 million followers, Hov has only tweeted a minuscule 46 times since beginning his verified account in Nov. 2008.

More celebrities should follow Mr. Carter's example and just quit Twitter altogether.

(Dis)honorable mention

Lil Wayne walks on flag during video shoot

Chris Brown stirs up Twitter after alleged hit-and-run

Miley Cyrus Embarrasses Herself on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Girl, Stop Trying So Hard

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