Louisiana Traveler - Birdhouses

There's nothing thrown away in JoAnn Racca's workshop.

"This is a plumbing flange," said Racca. "It goes around a pipe. I'm going to paint this white.  I've got some black roofing I'm going to put on the roof."

For decades, JoAnn has been turning out birdhouses for friends and family. She even sells them at craft shows. She likes to use a lot of old things in her birdhouses like rusty license plates, a piece of shingle or porcelain door knobs she picked up from a flea market.

"The roof is like the tin ceilings they used to have. So, I'm thinking I'll never find that again. I keep that. Oh here, this piece has a bed spring on it. I found it flattened out in the road, run over a hundred times."

The elementary school librarian uses an old card catalog to keep track of her smaller pieces. She's always on the lookout for more.

"Anything I can find in a trash pile or on the side of the road. I picked this up on the side of the road going to DeQuincy. I even picked up some wood out of the trash pile in a cemetery in Cameron."

Most of JoAnn's birdhouses are decorative, but JoAnn does have a few outside her home on the neighbor's fence, just in case.

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