Farm bill rejection impacts local agriculture industry

Rejected Farm Bill impacts local agriculture industry
(Source: Wiki Commons/MGN Online)
(Source: Wiki Commons/MGN Online)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - With the farm bill in limbo, industry officials are worried about the future.

Farming is only a small component in the farm bill. Opponents said food stamps are the reason the bill failed last week.

John Denison, Agricultural Manager of Sweetlake Oil and Land, said developments in Washington will impact the industry at home and beyond.

"The not passing of the farm bill leaves an increased level of uncertainty for the farming industry," said Denison.

Weather, competition and competing government policies are all uncertainties in farming. Denison said the farm bill was about the only certainty the industry had.

"There's so much conflict among our Congressmen and Senators that they just won't do their job to get this foundation laid so we can go on and take care of our business of feeding America and feeding the world," said Denison.

Even with no bill, Denison is confident in the industry's next steps.

"The farming industry is going to pull together like it always does and it's going to try to lobby and get something through," said Denison.

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