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Moss Regional retirees recognized for service as hospital prepares for takeover


It's the end of an era. Not only for the Moss Regional Medical Center, but for the people like the hospital's nurse administrator, Ethel Ambrose, who has served the hospital system for 34 years, 10 months and 10 days. 

"I'm going to work until I'm 100 years old," said Ambrose. "However, I have a different calling."

Ambrose is just one of more than 60 Moss Regional employees to be forced into an early retirement following the takeover of the hospital that will transition it into a clinic.  

They were recognized on Thursday by the hospital. While Ambrose says the change is sudden, her faith has seen her through. 

"This is only one phase of my life ... There's so many other opportunities that I do have and things that I can look forward to," Ambrose said. 

Then there's the Powell family -- Keith and Sharon, who together, have served over 50 years at the hospital. 

"Everyday getting here ... I loved this job, this is my favorite job," said Keith. "My wife enjoyed her time being here and we just met a lot of friends that will be longtime friendships."

Retirement has come early for them, too. 

"We would have loved to go on and retired on our own, but with the management change and with the governor changing, this has put us out, but we feel like we're going to do something else in the community," Keith added.  

With one final hug, congratulations and job well done, Moss retirees hold their heads high knowing the impact they've had on the community. 

"We existed here for those that were less fortunate and uninsured," said Ambrose. "We had a culture of healing, a culture of caring and we took care of patients based on their needs and that's what I'm going to miss most ... being able to do that for the community."

According to the LSU Hospital System, of Moss Regional's 331 employees, 62 are retiring, 215 full-time employees are being laid off and 54 part-time employees are being laid off.

The takeover is expected to be complete on Monday, June 24.  

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