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Jury selection on hold in Jon Dickerson trial


Jury selection is on hold in the murder trial of Jon Dickerson after Judge Kent Savoie said he needed to see a doctor for a swollen ankle. But at last word, Savoie expected to be there on Wednesday morning.

Dickerson is accused of murdering Darrell Lynn Schaub. In 2009, Schaub's body was found behind the old Parkway Motel near DeQuincy.

He had been staying at the motel for about a month when his body was found under a mattress.

Defense attorney King Alexander doubts the state can prove Dickerson guilty of murder; plus he said a lot of people in the DeQuincy area think they got the wrong guy. 

"They did charge my client, John Dickerson. He has never incriminated himself. There is a serious issue that they are prosecuting the wrong person. And there's pretty widespread belief, opinion in the DeQuincy area, that they are prosecuting the wrong person," said Alexander.

However, Assistant District Attorney David Kimball said all the facts have not yet come out. He's confident the state can prove its case.

"I'm confident that we have the right guy and that the police did a great job investigating this homicide. We had cooperation from the sheriff's department and DeQuincy Police on this. And there's no doubt in my mind that this is the guy that did it. Maybe to his friends and family or people that knew him this seems out of character. But as I tell everybody all the time, even Al Capone had his friends murdered," Kimball said.

Jury selection is expected to resume Wednesday.

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