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Moss Regional services transfer to LC Memorial begins


After lawmakers approved the overhauling of state run hospitals, changes took place at Moss Regional Friday.

LSU Health Services on Thursday released more information on the transfer of services from W.O. Moss Regional Medical (WOM) Center to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

The transfer comes amid cuts and privatizations within the LSU Health System.

Officials, in a news release, said the cooperative endeavor agreement between LSU Health and Lake Charles Memorial Health System will go into effect on June 24.

Moss Regional stopped taking new inpatient admissions and any surgeries at the close of business on Friday, officials said.

"Any inpatients remaining in the hospital on June 17 will transfer to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. The WOM Emergency Department will remain open until 7 p.m., June 20," officials said in a release.

"Inpatient, emergency and surgery services provided at WOM will transfer to Memorial Hospital's Oak Park campus. West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital will provide some surgery and inpatient services for patients living near it," the release continued.

WOM will close effective June 24 and Lake Charles Memorial will take over, officials said.

"The new name will be W.O. Moss Memorial Health Clinic," vice president of support at Memorial, Bernita Loyd Brown, said.

Officials said outpatient clinics will remain open at their current locations on the WOM campus under management of Lake Charles Memorial.

"These primary care and specialty clinics include infectious disease, rheumatology, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, health maintenance and renal," officials said.

"Most of our patients at W.O. Moss are treated in outpatient clinics," said Jimmy Pottorff, WOM Hospital Administrator. "This transition will preserve access to quality healthcare services to both our outpatients and inpatients."

Brown said Memorial will continue to bring quality care to patients, and plans to provide more services.

"Our goal is to be able to expand our services so they can stay in the community and not have to travel," Brown said.

"Teams from LSU Health and Lake Charles Memorial are working together to prepare for this transition, which includes communication with patients, medical-records transfer, patient scheduling and follow up for procedures and continuing care. LSU is also working with the 342 full and part-time employees of WOM to make them aware of job opportunities with Lake Charles Memorial," officials said in the release.

Brown said Memorial has received around 260 applications from Moss employees and Memorial has offered positions to around 220.

"We are working with Moss to make everyone aware of job opportunities at Lake Charles Memorial," Brown said.

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