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Jeff Davis authorities approve permit request for injection well at waste facility


It's still a stinky situation, but now Lacassine Oilfield Services is working on ways to perhaps reduce the odor many residents near the site complain about.

The Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury agreed Wednesday to allow the waste facility to move forward with its plans of installing another injection well on its property.

"When we get a slight south wind blowing just right, oh yes," said Roger Fruge, Lacassine resident, about the smell coming from the waste facility.

"It's hard to describe. It's ... it's an oil odor you know, a real oil smell. Sometimes it's not bad, but other times it's really pungent," Fruge said.

And now the company is adding on by installing another non-hazardous injection well. These wells pump water back into the ground once all of the chemicals are extracted from the waste.

"It's not the injection well that's bad. It's the water they put in those ponds and they skim the oil off of it. That's where the smell is from," Fruge said.

And to the Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury's surprise, none of the residents in that area opposed the motion for the installation of the well at Wednesday's meeting.

"There was no opposition, normally there is opposition, but nobody made any comments tonight," said president of the JDPPJ Donald Woods.

Woods said the injection well should help reduce the odor coming from the facility.

"I think it's something that they're just going to have to live with over there. They're trying to control the smell and everything, they're keeping up the road," Woods said. "They're trying to work with the people to make it happen."

The jurors approved the permit request for the new 6,200-foot injection well on the facility's 100-acre site. And now residents, like Fruge, hope the smell goes away.

"It's their property, I mean they're going to do what they want to do anyway as long as they get the right permits, there's nothing we can do," Fruge said. "I just wish it was someway they could control the smell."

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