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'Chuckslugg' struggles to recover from storm damage


Last week's severe weather was gone in the blink of an eye -- yet it will take much longer for some to recover, including a local man forced from the house he rents.
For Travis Bolden, it was a harrowing ordeal.

Earlier this year, Bolden participated in the Americacorps program, helping at J.J. Johnson school where he gets a lot of satisfaction helping kids with math. He also works as a D.J. and is known as "Chuckslugg" on the air.

But Thursday, his life literally came crashing down when a tree fell on the house he rents.

Chuckslugg and his 7-year-old son were in the tiny house he rents when the storm got really bad. They heard a loud boom and the next thing he knew, water was pouring in.

"The tree was like right outside the window, so when I came outside, I looked and the huge pecan tree had been uprooted from the ground and had fallen onto the house. So, at that point I tried not to panic," said Bolden. "I just tried to grab what was most important to me."

Luckily, neither he or his son were injured but a lot of his stuff was lost including supplies he works with to tutor children in math.

"It kind of helped their scores go up over there so I'm kind of proud of that. Also, I have my own tutoring where I tutor kids here this year at my house, so I'm kind of worried about whether that's gone," said Bolden.

Between the tutoring and various gigs as a radio D.J., he hopes to find a new place to live and start replacing what was lost.

"I know God's got my back. I just continue to pray and all my friends continue to pray. It doesn't bother my future. What God has for you, he has for you," said Bolden.

Chuckslugg said Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach is his mentor and that they meet regularly. His goal is to one day help others as a community leader in Lake Charles.

His friends have set up an account at Capital One for anyone who wants to make a donation to help Bolden recover. He said he had no renters' insurance.

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