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Thursday storm leaves 900 without power; damage & trees down

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The Thursday night storm moved through so quickly, it did more damage than people might think leaving many trees down, sporadic damage and utility poles snapped in two.

At last word about 900 people remain without power and some will likely remain so until some time Sunday.

The biggest mess causing power outages is along Oak Park Boulevard where crews spent the afternoon trying to untangle wires and poles broken in half.  The process involved delicate maneuvering to remove poles from the wires.

Mayor Randy Roach was out surveying the damage to see what can be done. "And of course everything that we can do to help support Entergy and what they're trying to do replace these lines and we have to come out and mark sewer lines and water lines and that sort of thing because when they replace the poles they're replacing these wooden poles, some of them with the more substantial poles," said Roach.

Some residents, like Faye Adams, take it all in stride.  "It's part of life and we just do what we have to do and keep moving because they're just doing their job and I knew last night that I wasn't worrying about it.  I didn't have no light on but I didn't worry about it. But I knew they were going to come," said Adams.

But for others, patience is wearing thin. On Azalea street, where they are without power,     Phillip Spell says he's concerned about his brother and elderly father.  "I haven't seen anybody out here from the electric company, even the city to say, hey we need to put up barriers. I mean we got power lines down here .  We got people up and down here with no power.  Everybody don't have a generator.  My brother is a disabled Vietnam veteran.  He needs air conditioning.  He can't be without air conditioning," said Spell.

His brother, Ronnie Spell, lost a leg in Vietnam and uses a wheel chair.  Said Ronnie, "I ain't so worried about me, I'm worried about my dad.  He's 92 years old.  It isn't right.  We call. All we get is a recording saying they're working on it.  They're working on it."

The power outage in the Oak Park area prevented Lake Charles Memorial Health System from opening three of its clinics today.  But spokesman Matt Felder says the hospital was not affected.  "The hospital itself is running at full capacity, but our outlying clinics, our day clinics, where some of our doctors are located, such as the LSU Health Science Center and our Aster Street offices lost power," said Felder.

Patients who missed appointments should call Monday to re-schedule.

Others had power but damage. David Sorrells and his family were out of town when two trees fell damaging his garage and work shed. But he was relieved no one was hurt.  The homeowners (insurance) will cover most of it because it's still on the structure and they'll take care of it," said Sorrells.

And there are numerous other isolated reports of damage around the Lake area.  
Mayor Roach says officials have touched base with the Azalea Street residents to make sure they're taken care of. There were also lines down on nearby Crescent Street.

Also, Roach says a "cooling station" where those without power can take showers and cool off will open from 8 am to 8 PM tomorrow at the Ward Three Recreation Center off Power Center Drive.  It's sort of behind Mark Dodge which is on Highway 14.

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