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Program helps shrimpers make comeback

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It could provide the blueprint for long-term hurricane recovery.

The community of Delcambre in Vermilion Parish, like many others, was destroyed in Hurricane Rita.

Now, it's experiencing a comeback thanks to a program spotlighting local shrimpers.

Delcambre's Thomas Hymel is optimistic about the future of the small Vermilion Parish town, attributing that future primarily to the Delcambre District Seafood Program.

"It started here in Delcambre four years ago with one fisherman and now everybody in the community is involved with it because it's a big benefit to be able to sell directly to the public," Hymel said.

Hymel serves as the program director and said the effort is part of what has rejuvenated the hurricane-ravaged community, bringing with it an infectious sense of momentum.

"It's put paint on the boats of our shrimpers and money in their pocket. They're selling their shrimp for two times, three times dock prices by selling them to the public and it's making a big, big difference," Hymel said.

Janet Hollier, who has been shrimping for decades in Delcambre, agrees.

"It's helped a lot ... We have more people that are buying from the boats. We're getting better prices from the public; we're getting word out that they're buying more from the shrimpers and stuff," Hollier said.

If it can happen in Delcambre, it can happen anywhere.

That's the idea as the Louisiana Direct Seafood Program has branched out to other communities, including coastal Cameron.

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