Louisiana Swashbucklers Shut Down

Swashbucklers fold

For nine years, the Louisiana Swashbucklers had a great run, winning three championships and giving fans in the Lake Area a chance to watch full-tackle football in the spring and summer.

But this year, the team just wasn't able to sell enough tickets to stay in business, and so the Swashbucklers franchise is out of business.

The Swashbucklers are 4-and-4 this season, including a dramatic double-overtime victory just last Saturday.

But fewer than 1-thousand fans attended that game, part of a trend of poor attendance and collapsing ticket sales.

And today, the team announced it has cancelled its final home game of the season and will not return to the Pro Indoor Football League next season.

Team representatives did not respond to our multiple interview requests, so it is unclear whether or not the team will travel to play its final three road games of the season.

But one thing is clear: 2013 will be the last year of the Swashbucklers' existence.