McNeese Baseball Loses To Southeastern, Backs Into Southland Tournament

When the McNeese State Cowboys woke up this morning, they knew they had a game this afternoon, but they did *not* know if they would have any games after that.

They *did* know if they could beat Southeastern, they would clinch a spot in the Southland Conference tournament.

Senior Day at Cowboy Diamond for the regular season finale.

And some controversy in the first. Jesse Buratt flies to center and Jameson Fisher is tagging up at third. Here's the throw from Andrew Guillotte and Fisher tip toes to the plate and he is called safe! Terry Burrows is furious but the run counts and the Lions lead 2-nothing.

Bottom of the 2nd, Tyler Klouser drives the ball to center, Lucas Quarry scores and the Cowboys are on the board.

In the 3rd, Chayse Marion gets the ball into the outfield, it is deep enough to bring home Guillotte on the sacrifice fly and we're all tied at 2.

Southeastern loads the bases in the 5th, but Tanner Rainey grounds to third, and Klouser guns down the runner at the plate, McNeese gets out of the inning.

Then in the bottom of the 5th, Cameron Toole rips the ball down the left field line, Taylor Drake is around third and heading home and the Cowboys take a 3-2 lead.

But in the top of the 6th, Fisher hammers the ball into right, 2 runs come in and the Lions retake the lead.

6-4 Southeastern in the bottom of the 9th, Klouser had a home run earlier but this time it's a swing and a miss...

And that would do it. Cowboys lose 6-4 so they would have to root for Lamar to beat Nicholls...