Hometown Patriot - May 22, 2013 - Kenny Domingue, Jr.

A recent arrival at Chennault International Airport's Million Air terminal was just a regular Navy training flight.  It contained Ensign Kenny Domingue, Jr. of Sulphur.   And his father, Kenny, Sr. helped direct it into the gate.

"It was nervous and exciting all at the same time," said Kenny, Sr.  "The wind kind of got in my eyes and started watering up.  It was definitely the wind," he joked emotionally.

Kenny, Jr. Is a 2012 graduate of the Naval Academy and is currently training at Pensacola.  His flight here to Lake Charles is part of that training.

"I've always wanted to fly," said Ensign Domingue.  "Since I was 3, I kind of just asked around a lot.  I found out there was an actual academy for this sort of thing.  I found out around ninth grade and then focused on getting in there."

"He did very well," said Commander Nate Dishman, Domingue's instructor.  "Much better than the average student, although we don't compare student to students anymore.  But he's definitely ahead of the grade."

And while Domingue would like to one day become a pilot, he's got his eyes on a short term goal.

"What I'm going for is weapons system officer on board an F-18 Super Hornet.  They're in charge of the bombs and missiles and all the other tactical assets."

"For one of my sons to say they'd like to serve this country in the capacity of his goals and dreams were, I was 100 percent behind it," said the elder Domingue.

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