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Cold Case Investigation: Beryl Robichaux


It was a call from coworkers on April 24, 1989 that led Calcasieu Sheriff's deputies to 923 S. Division Street after 35-year-old Beryl Robichaux failed to show up for shift at a local cab company.

"Once we got there, we noticed a window that was open so we entered the residence and found she had been stabbed to death multiple times," said Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

With no signs of forced entry, authorities believe the suspect was either let in or gained access through a window. Beryl's daughter, Miriam, was only nine years old at the time but remembers that day.

"An officer came to the house and talked to my foster mom at the time and she pulled me in the room first and told me what had happened," recalled Miriam.

It would be years before Miriam and her seven brothers and sisters would know all the details surrounding their mother's brutal death.

Miriam believes a series of events in the week and day before her mother's murder could hold the key.

"My grandmother told me my mother had gotten robbed on her front porch about a week or so before she was murdered and she even turned a sketch of him in. My grandmother always thought he had come back for revenge the next week or whatever," said Miriam.

According to investigators, the day before she was murdered, Beryl's neighbor was approached by a man with a knife.

"A black male subject knocked on the door, said his car had broke down ... and asked if he could he use the phone. She said 'no.' He forced his way in. She managed to fight him off and he left. And nothing ever happened with that. She could not identify the subject at the time and, of course, the day this woman comes up murdered," said Mancuso.

As the case now approaches 25 years and with no new leads, Miriam has found peace but is still holding out for justice.

"My grandmother and I ... I can't attest for the rest of my family, but we have both forgiven this person, whoever he is. But forgiveness is one thing and justice is definitely something different. And I think my mom would want that as well," said Miriam.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 439-2222.

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