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Local ties to Moore, Okla. tornado

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One family in Iowa, La., felt helpless as the EF5 tornado touched down in Moore, Okla., a town where their relatives live.

For Lisa Farque and Sara LaFargue, it was a terrifying moment watching the tornado pass through Moore. This was the town where Sara's sister and Lisa's step-daughter, Monica Kern, lives with her children.

"The last text message I got from her, she said, 'Oh my God, I'm freaking out!' " Farque said.

The text messages were from Kern. Before the tornado touched down, Farque said Kern picked her kids up from school and then took shelter.

"She said, 'Oh my God it's coming straight for us!' " LaFargue said.

And within 20 minutes, the world around Kern and her family changed.

"She literally had that window of time to get her kids from school to shelter and you know, so many emotions go through your mind. You're thinking, I wish that I could do something and you know, you can't," LaFargue said.

Fortunately for Kern and her family, her home was not damaged and everyone was safe. But around her and in her neighborhood, the once suburban area of Moore, Okla., was not flattened out.

"Her in-laws lived probably about five blocks from her, south of her, and their home is completely demolished," Farque said.

And in a moment's notice, people's lives in Moore were changed, and in Iowa, La., so were the lives of Farque and LaFargue.

"My husband and I are actually planning a trip there in August," LaFargue said. "We are hoping that we can help in any way that we can then."

"They need prayers. It's an emotional devastation for all of those people," Farque said.

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