New crime fighting app launched in Louisiana

Louisiana State Police Sgt. James Anderson
Louisiana State Police Sgt. James Anderson

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana State Police hope a new application for Android and Apple phones will help citizens help law enforcement prevent large scale crimes, especially acts of terror. It's called the "See Something, Send Something" app.

"We're looking for trends," said Sgt. James Anderson with Louisiana State Police, Troop D. "We analyze information that we get from a variety of sources and disseminate that to law enforcement as needed."

The app allows users to snap a picture or send a note or comment of anything they think is suspicious, specifically things that may appear to be acts of terror or violate homeland security.

"If someone is testing the security of a building, pushing the limits on trying to get in or maybe asking questions that most people wouldn't normally ask that are related to the security of a plant or another business, those are things that raise red flags and those are things that are useful to know about," said Anderson.

When the picture is snapped and sent, it's immediately uploaded to the state's analytical and fusion exchange system where analysts work with state and federal databases to put together different pieces of information.

"What doesn't seem to be that suspicious when combined with other information that other users send in may allow our analysts to determine a pattern of criminal or terrorists activity that's taking place," Anderson said.

While the app is directly linked to State Police headquarters, they say it shouldn't be used in situations that need immediate assistance.

"If someone needs immediate assistance, this is not for that," said Anderson. "If someone needs immediate assistance, please call 911."

Louisiana is the second state behind Pennsylvania to implement the new technology.

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