Hometown Patriot: May 15, 2013 -- Pat Stanley

A Vietnam veteran known for his undying support of the U-S is this week's Hometown Patriot. If you drive up to Pat Stanley's home, there can be no doubt of his patriotism. His American and POW-MIA flags fly proudly. His new rear window decal on his pickup truck honors his fellow soldiers who never came back from Vietnam. Pat was in Vietnam as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne in 1971.

"We did aerial re-enforcements, search and rescue missions, helicopter pilots got shot down.  We were dropped in to get them and the helicopter out. We may have gone on four or five missions a day," he said.

In fact, Pat's unit conducted between 150 and 180 assaults in deadly hot spots.

"We may be in a densely populated area of a little village out in the middle of the jungle. We could have been on a mountaintop and later that evening down in the valley. Most of it was in North Vietnam," he said.

Pat stays supportive of the military.

"People going in to the military today and being deployed be it to Afghanistan, Germany or whatever. The people of America need to understand what a pull that is on the family life," he said.

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