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Man warns others after losing $500 in attempted land purchase

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A Lake Charles man is speaking out after he lost $500 he put down to purchase a lot south of Lake Charles.

Donald Guillory stopped short of signing a contract when he discovered difficulties with drilling a water well on the property. He hopes to warn other buyers to beware.

To Guillory, the lot south of Lake Charles looked like a perfect place to put his first home -- and maybe one day raise a family. But after sending the seller a $500 deposit, Guillory discovered it would be more  difficult and costly to put a water well than he expected,  according to the driller he contacted.

"I wanted to put me a nice house on it and clean fresh water from a well. I had a guy giving me an estimate but he refused to because he said he's not going to dig it because of gas tankers underground that's still there," said Guillory.

According to the State Department of Natural Resources, there are areas of naturally occurring natural gas near water-bearing sands in this area near Gauthier and Tank Farm Roads.

Thankfully, Guillory had the good sense to consult an attorney and did not sign the contract he received -- a contract the attorney said was favorable to the seller but not the buyer.

"I didn't sign anything, but sent him some money I can't get back," said Guillory. "He told me, 'Don't ever, ever call his phone again.' And he said some ugly words, but I don't want to say it."

Guillory doesn't expect to ever see his $500 again, but he's speaking out to warn others to do their homework first -- to avoid losing money when trying to buy property.

"Don't give up no money. Be your own investigator. Go out there. See what's going on. Ask a few people, find out before you spend your money. The economy's hard. Just don't give your money away. I learned my lesson and I learned it the hard way," said Guillory.  

Guillory has submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau which plans to contact the seller.

For a link to the Louisiana DNR, which may help you investigate a piece of property, click HERE.

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