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I wanna know: Al Roker


If you were up Thursday morning watching the TODAY Show, you know Southwest Louisiana -- Carlyss, in particular -- was in the national spotlight since the fire department was featured in the "Wake Up with Al" series with Al Roker.

Many of us feel as though we know Al Roker since we see him each morning on the TODAY Show. In our "I wanna know" segment, we speak to the beloved TODAY Show weatherman to find out what we want to know.

Clearly, it takes a lot of stamina for Al to participate in all the activities he does -- you saw it in Thursday's local broadcast -- helping to hold a charged fire hose, riding to the top of a ladder and clowning around during his morning visit to the Carlyss Fire Department.

You can't help but conclude that all that good-natured fun and happiness is genuine. Is he always like that?

Roker admits, "Not all the time. Nobody could possibly be. But you know, I think it's a lot easier to be in a good mood than a bad mood."

"That's how we do it in Carlyss, ladies and gentlemen," he said during a demonstration on how to extinguish a riding mower engulfed in flames.

The rigors of his on-air routine often literally give him not a minute to spare.

As Al pops into the KPLC Sunrise show airing live, he shouts back to his TODAY assistant, "Am I a minute away?" A voice in the distance responds, "A minute twenty."

Plenty of time to surface on local television before the national cut-in. He said to Britney, John and Ben: "Just wanted to say 'hi.' You guys do a fantastic job and you're all very good looking.   I really like your hair," he said to John. "Anchormen with that hair style. I love that."

John tells him, "You can stay here all day if you want." 

Said Al, "I could, but then they'd yell at me," he said as he runs off to his cut-in for the national broadcast.

If he's stressed out or worn out, well, it seems you won't hear him complain.

"You know what? It's when you're not asked to do stuff and nobody cares that you're in a place that you're in trouble. So, this is fine," he said.

Al, on the fire ladder, is raised high above and still cutting up. He extends his hands over the crowd and yells, "My people! My people, my people!"

So, who inspired him and how does he define success?

"I was inspired by my family -- my mom, my dad. Willard Scott is a mentor of mine. Success is being happy and people, maybe, feeling a little bit better after you've left the room than before you came in. Your family is health and happy. I don't think you can ask for much more than that from success," said Roker.

And if you haven't heard how he lost all that weight: "I had a gastric bypass and I exercise and try to eat right."

Any weight loss tricks or secrets?

"Yes, it's a secret formula. Eat less and exercise more," he said.

And if you weren't a beloved national weatherman, what would he be doing now? Said Al, "I would love to either be a chef or a nationally syndicated comic strip artist."

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