Hometown Patriot: May 8, 2013 - S. P. Arnett History Club

Students in the S. P. Arnett Middle School History Club are going to the nation's capital in June.  They are part of the national competition for National History Day. They won the state competition recently at the World War II Museum in New Orleans

Cole Conrad plays Winston Churchill.

"I'm just so excited because every time I walk around Westlake, people are just saying congratulations because they see it on Facebook and Twitter and all the social media web sites," said 7th grade student Cole Conrad. He plays English Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  "It's just awesome to have that.  I've never felt that way."

The 7th and 8th graders presented an eight-minute play on the actions leading up to World War II, including the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Nichole Feagin said she learned a lot about World War II.

"How it not only affected the U.S. but it affected so many other countries, too," said Nichole, an 8th grader. "You don't really think about who else it affected. So from this, I learned that it not only affected me and my ancestors, but others, too."

Franklin Roosevelt is played by Jaydon Gibbs, who really got to know the president's personality.

"Not a lot of nonsense," said Jaydon on FDR. "He was very serious. I really enjoyed being him."

Jonathan Gibbs plays Japanese Commander Yamamoto.

"Yamamoto was the leader of the combined fleet of the Japanese Navy," said Gibbs. "He was a very serious man. He knew what he wanted done. He got it done."

The skit is called "Day of Infamy" and is directed by teacher Durlin Ancelet.  Marc Jardell is principal at S. P.  Arnett.

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