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Carlyss firefighters get ready for national spotlight

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Lori-Primeaux Coleman Lori-Primeaux Coleman

The countdown is on.

On Thursday morning, NBC's Al Roker will broadcast live from Carlyss, recognizing Lori-Primeaux Coleman and the Carlyss Fire Department.

The essay entry that won the "Wake Up with Al" contest mentioned Lori and her immediate family, but also her second family – the firefighters at the Carlyss Fire Department.

KPLC got the chance to speak to some firefighters who have served the community for years.

"We could argue one minute and have a call and on that call, it's a whole different thing. You just work together and do your job," said Steven Scalia, firefighter.

The firefighters call themselves a "band of brothers."

"We do everything – you know, argue, get along, joke and pick. We work well together," said Lori.

It was that sense of family that Lori was able to convey to the TODAY Show to score Al Roker for a visit to Carlyss this week.

Lori said the department's experience through Hurricane Rita tested and strengthened the firefighter bond.

"Even after the aftermath, we were all helping our families out; a lot of our families lost a lot and we were just helping each other out," she said.

"All the other departments from all over the country that were here helping Carlyss and Sulphur and everybody … it just made you feel good," said Josh Lowry, firefighter.

"Hey, when your brothers need you, the other brothers are coming," said Andy Clopton, firefighter.

Now, they're working together as they always do to put the finishing touches on the place ahead of this week's guest. When asked what to expect, Lori said people will just have to watch.

"You either have to watch or you have to be here ... yes, we definitely want people to watch," she said.

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