Sulphur woman in FBI video of Boston bombing suspects

A Sulphur woman believes she came dangerously close to being one of those casualties of the Boston bombings. But for a friend who insisted they move closer to get a better picture, Marie Castillo believes she might not be here today.

She was so close to the suspects she can be seen in the surveillance video released by the FBI.

Castillo went to the marathon for her daughter Dawn, a Boston attorney, who was running.

"She says,'It's going to be a big run and it's a big deal.' She says, 'I'm so excited. And she says, 'Make sure that you meet me at the finish line,' " said Castillo.

Just minutes before the explosion, she stopped where she planned to wait until her daughter's friend insisted they move to a better spot to take photos.

"I had decided, 'Well, let's stop here. This is a perfect place.' And Dawn's friend, Michelle, said, 'No, let's go up a little further. That way we can take a better picture.' If it wouldn't have been for her friend saying, 'Let's go a little further,' I would have been right there at the finish line," said Castillo.

Then came the blast.

"We turned back and we see the smoke and all that and we're screaming, "It's a bomb!"  About eight, 10 seconds later the second one went off. And we started running, not knowing if there were anymore bombs down the road," said Castillo.

Marie had been so close to the suspects that she can be seen in the FBI video released as they searched for the suspects. She was wearing a pink jacket and can be seen not far behind the suspects carrying a black purse.

"A couple of people behind them and then I'm right behind them also. I'm wearing that pink jacket which is very noticeable. I'm walking right along where they were just snapping pictures as I'm going the same route they were going. They still had their backpacks in the video. So, they must have walked a distance setting the bombs is all I can say," said Castillo.

After the explosion, there were frantic hours as she and her daughter and other family members verified they were safe. She's provided her personal photos to the FBI of a day still so vivid in her mind. "Every time I see TV I have tears in my eyes, thinking, those poor families," said Castillo.

She says her daughter Dawn will run again in the Boston Marathon and that she plans to be there.

Castillo says she won't let the threat of terrorism interfere with her lifestyle. She says she has always enjoyed Boston and won't hesitate to travel there and wherever else she wants.

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