McNeese cuts ribbon on new parking garage

The ribbon has been cut, unveiling the new student parking garage at McNeese State University along Common Street.

A ceremony on Wednesday marked the event.

All students with a current McNeese parking permit will be allowed to use the facility, a three-story, 800-plus vehicle parking garage.

McNeese President Dr. Phillip Williams said more than the access to parking, he is excited for what the garage will do to enhance student safety.

"What it does for me is I'm less interested in the parking; I'm more interested in the safety. It means that students who come to class don't have to cross those two major state highways," Williams said.

Davante Lewis, student body president at McNeese, said the garage is a start in alleviating some of the campus parking issues.

"Any student body president will tell you that parking is a student issue on every campus everywhere in America. So, for us to do something to help that situation, I know we'll never make parking great, but this is a great start to try to alleviate some of the problems we've seen with parking going on... making our campus a little bit safer for all of our students," Lewis said.

Two years ago, McNeese students voted in favor of a $75 per semester fee addition, all in hopes of adding a parking garage to campus.

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