Hometown Patriot: May 1, 2013 - Lorraine Oubre

May 1, 2013

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A veteran who kept the planes flying in the Pacific Theater during World War II is our Hometown Patriot this week. Lorraine Oubre, of Sulphur, served most of his Navy career at Pearl Harbor.

"If I looked out on the lanai, which was the name Hawaiians gave the porch," said Oubre. "If I was up there looking down, I could see all the ships that were bombed and dismantled."

Oubre arrived on the island a little after the attack on Pearl.

"We actually replaced the men that were there before. They were there for the attack. We replaced them," he said.

Oubre's job involved repairing damaged planes that had come in from battles in the Pacific. He spent a majority of the time replacing bulbs, buttons and bombs.

"I was an aviation and electricians mate. We worked on planes that were shot up. We re-did the engines. Anything that had to be done … assembly and repair is what we did," he said.

Oubre said if he had any advice to give young people today, he would encourage them to join the armed forces, especially the Navy.

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