Lake Charles boy gets life-saving kidney from his cousin

Lake Charles boy gets life-saving kidney from his cousin

There are over 93,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list and the wait time for a deceased donor is typically five to ten years.

When a Lake Charles toddler's only functioning kidney started to rapidly fail, his parents needed a miracle. That is when his family stepped in to save him.

There is one activity that never tires out now four-year-old Muricle Fuselier. "He loves basketball," said his mother, Latriss Zenon Fuselier. "I think he eats, sleeps and poops basketball!"

But the miracle about this young boy named "Muricle" is that a kidney disease developed in the womb threatened his entire existence. "We did an ultrasound around six months and they saw cysts on his kidneys," said Latriss.

Murphy and Latriss Fuselier were told that their unborn baby was developing fluid-filled sacs, or cysts, on his kidneys instead of normal kidney tissue. "As he grew they said his kidneys were going to get smaller and smaller," said Latriss, "and eventually he would have to get on dialysis or have a kidney transplant."

That reality did not set in until last fall, when only one of Muricle's kidneys was working and it was only functioning at 15 percent. "As a mom, you don't want to have to see your children go through anything like that," said Latriss.

Muricle desperately needed a new kidney, either from a deceased donor or a living one, willing to undergo the pricking, prodding and testing to be a match. "We were just going to have to wait," said Murphy, "wait and pray."

Both of Muricle's parents were ruled out as donors because of their blood types. They put his name on an organ donation list, praying for a match. But that match would come from within the family - from a brave and generous cousin. "I didn't even have to ask," said Latriss, "First my cousin Jaz came up and said 'I'll do it,' then my sister said 'yes,' then my nephew did it."

Johnathan Zenon is Latriss's nephew, making him Muricle's first cousin. "I just wanted to see if I could be a match, if I could help him," said Zenon. "I just thought if I'm a match, I would definitely do it for him."

Zenon's blood type and urine samples made him a perfect match to transplant one of his kidney's into Muricle. "It's worth it. Seeing somebody else be able to live their life is definitely worth it," he said.

The transplant happened in February with Zenon spending one week in the hospital and Muricle close to a month.

Today, though, you would never know the road these two traveled down. "They are healed, healthy and well," said Latriss.

"He's a whole lot fuller, he's got a lot more energy, he's a regular kid," said Murphy.

This tightly-knit family says they have seen a miracle because of Muricle and hope his story encourages others waiting on organ transplants. "There's so many people that need that lift of faith," said Latriss, "If you see someone else do it - if God can do it for us, he can definitely do it for the next person."

Muricle is currently in Children's Hospital in New Orleans after some lab work came back with questionable numbers. Doctors are making sure that the new kidney is working properly.

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