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'Just for Jesus' founder arrested twice in two weeks


He is the founder of the "Just for Jesus" rallies -- and now, James Bertrand is in more trouble with the law. He has been arrested twice in the last two weeks.

Bertrand was known for his "Just for Jesus" rallies but over the last eight months, Bertrand has been arrested at least five times -- most recently, Monday.

Westlake authorities were called to a disturbance at a house. They arrested and booked Bertrand for possession of crack cocaine and drug distribution. 

The week before, Calcasieu Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory said Bertrand was arrested in a local casino.

"Our office was contacted that there was a disturbance in Mr. Bertrand's room. Once our deputies responded there, while investigating, crack cocaine and powdered cocaine was found inside the room," said Guillory.

When arrested in January for possession of crack cocaine, Bertrand's address was 3945 South Blue Sage Road on the golf course at Graywood, right at the 9th green. Right now, the house is vacant though there is a Camaro parked in the driveway.  

Bertrand's legal troubles go beyond drug charges. His "No Fear Auto" car dealership is closed -- and a notice on the door indicates it has been seized along with his inventory of vehicles.

It's all shocking to former supporter Jaimi Hansen who volunteered for "Just for Jesus" and even bought a car from Bertrand.

"Six months later, after I bought the car, it broke down. It started smoking so I called him up. 'Oh yeah, bring it in. I'll take a look at it.' He held my car for about two weeks and charged me $600 to get it fixed. He said, 'Well, I'll, since you're such a good person and you do volunteer work for me, I'll only charge you $400.' I haven't gotten my title back from him, even after I paid my car off," said Hansen.

Hansen said it's caused her to question her beliefs.

"I'm beginning to re-think my faith because some of these pastors, they just want money," said Hansen.

At last word, Bertrand was in jail with bond set at $50,000.

Bertrand's Facebook page lists him as former pastor at Power Church International.

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