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I Wanna Know: Enforcing LC zoning laws


"I want to know why it's taking the city so long to enforce our zoning regulations in our neighborhood," said homeowner Callie Ward.

Her neighborhood in the area of Country Club Road and Canal Street is filled with homes owned by people who work hard to keep the property looking nice and the yards neat and trim.

She said at least since last summer they've been fighting what neighbors agree looks like a scrap yard at a house at Country Club and Canal. 

"Sometimes they have so many trailers, up to three trailers piled high, that it's hard to get around. It's hard to see around when we get to Country Club Road to get on there. A very big eyesore," Ward said.

The property owner noticed our interest, as we were shooting video, and came outside ... along with her friend. They declined an opportunity to explain the situation or offer reasons why the owner has not complied with city ordinances.

About that time, a deputy Ward 3 Marshal arrived to serve the owner with papers that will require her to attend a hearing on May 23.

Ward is hoping they are getting closer to resolution.

"Our homes are our biggest investment, and this is bringing out values down. We have people describe our street as the junkyard street now," Ward said.

Assistant Lake Charles Planning Director Doug Burguieres said the property owner is in violation. He said the city must follow the legal rules as they seek to force the property owner to comply with local laws.

"This situation went before the administrative hearing officer in January. The owner of that property failed to show up for that hearing. So, we re-issued violation letters for that property. And they will be re-heard before the administrative hearing officer in May. The initial notices were refused or were unclaimed by the property owner. So, we had to have those notices served by the city marshal," he said.

The property owner has been ordered is to appear in at Lake Charles City Hall in the Council Chambers, Thursday, May 23. At that time a hearing officer will decide what happens next. To see more of our encounter at the property and hear what Burguieres said about the situation look for our web extras.

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