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CPSB may face $12.9 million deficit in 2013-2014 FY


According to the General Fund Budget presentation administered by the Budget/Fiscal Management committee of the Calcasieu Parish School Board, major changes in the 2013-2014 fiscal year give them an estimated budget deficit of $12,973,977.  

"This was strictly informational, kind of setting ... We wanted to let them know what we know," said Calcasieu Parish School Board Superintendent Wayne Savoy. 

Among those changes, a reduction of $3,603,335 in state funds, an increase in the rates for teacher retirement totaling $2,853,366, health insurance rate increases costing the board $1,507,269, and an increase in the state's transfers to charter schools, costing the school board $2,200,643.  

Those changes bring the total cost increase for the school board to $10,952,396. 

"Unless those main issues are addressed - the MFP, the retirement contributions, the transfers, the way those things are handled - this is going to be a yearly occurrence for every public school system in the state of Louisiana," said Savoy. 

Savoy said it's important to educate legislators on the effects certain education decisions are having on the students and educators in their districts. 

"If each legislator throughout the state really examines that information out there, then we'll have some really good decisions coming out of the legislature," Savoy said. 

Until those decisions can be made or changed, the school board is left with crunching numbers and working with themselves to find ways to continue providing the services they do to students and their employees, even in the midst of unpromising numbers. 

"We're getting as much information from every angle ... and we're trying to come up with ways to take care of this," said Savoy. "I'm very confident that we will."

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