Louisiana Traveler - B&O Grocery

Louisiana Traveler - B & O Grocery

They've been cooking up boudin, cracklins and other Cajun specialties here at B&O Grocery for about 30 years now. Owner Jeff Benoit gets to work before the roosters.

"Most of the time, I'm up here at 4 o'clock in the morning and we fire up the pots, the boudin and the cracklins," said Benoit.

He still makes the boudin by hand, carefully mixing the rice in with his special blend of pork and liver. Jeff knows some places don't use liver, but he feels it's not boudin without it. His customers agree.

"It's real good," said Donald Franklin. "I always come and get some boudin and hog cracklins from them. It's real good seasoning."

And then there are the cracklins, which are made fresh each morning. Jeff takes cut up pork bellies and fries them out back in a big cast iron pot for about 45 minutes. Once they're ready, he seasons them only with salt and they're packaged up for sale.

"They're addictive," said Benoit.  "A good hot cracklin is hard to pass up."

Benoit and his family stay busy with other specialty products like hogshead cheese, stuffed meats and sausage.

"We do about 50,000 pounds of deer sausage a year here. Some of our hunters have been coming here for 30 years."

You may even recognize Jeff. He was on the front of the pamphlets for SWLA's Boudin Trail.

For more information on the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail, go to www.visitlakecharles.org/boudintrail

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