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Month of the Military Child: A Fort Polk family reflects


When soldiers are deployed, some of them leave behind their children for long periods of time. April marks the National Month of the Military Child.

"We just want him home so much, but we know he can't be here and it's really hard," said nine-year-old Nevaeh Jones. 

For Nevaeh, her 6-year-old brother Ethan and mom Jean, it's been rough not having Dad around. 

"He's on a very special job, he's going to be really good and really safe so I know what he's doing," said Jones. 

Kevin Jones is in the Army. While he's been deployed for periods of time before, his most recent deployment is his longest with a family. 

"We have done 4 months and 6 months apart, but this is the first time he's been gone overseas for an extended period," said Kevin's wife, Jean. 

Thanks to technology, Jones keeps in touch with his family almost weekly. 

"There's Skype. We went and got a Majic Jack Plus so as long as he has Internet connection he has the availability to give us a phone call," said Jones. 

"First it's mom, then it's Ethan and then it's me," said Nevaeh. "Then we say goodbye and then we get really sorry, we just don't want to leave him go."

Parenting from a world away. Thanks to military resources and family programs at Fort Polk, the Jones family takes comfort in knowing they're not alone. 

"Whether it was lifting furniture or taking the boys out fishing taking the kids to the park and giving their mom a little bit of a break things like that he was there and available and I'm very blessed to have neighbors and friends that are willing to do the same thing with my children," said Jean.

Resources like what Ethan and Nevaeh call 'Daddy Boots' help with physical presence and recorded readings of children's books help when all they need is to hear his voice. 

"It helps me go to sleep and it helps me remember and sometimes I cry... I just want to know where he is."

Although they make the sacrifice giving up their loved one for long periods of time, they know it's for a good reason.

"He's doing something that's greater than just him," said Jones. "He's out there supporting our U.S."

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