Barbe Slams Sulphur 9-1, Clinches District

Barbe is the #1 ranked baseball team in the state, but a few weeks ago, #5 Sulphur beat the Bucs 1-nothing in 9 innings.

After a rain delay last night, the Bucs and the Tors met again tonight in another top ten matchup.

1-nothing Barbe in the 1st, Sloan Dieter flies out to center, it's caught but Kennon Fontenot scores on the sacrifice to make it 2-to-nothing.

Top of the 3rd, Cole Lavergne takes one deep... Out to the center field wall. Kale Breaux is around third, he will score to make it 2-to-1, Barbe still leading.

But in the bottom of the 4th, Fontenot singles to left, Braden Barrett scores to make it 3-to-1 Buccaneers.

And then with 2 outs... Shane Selman hits a long fly ball to right field. It drops in safely. One run will score... Two runs will score... the ball gets away at third and so here comes Selman to the plate!

6-1 Barbe, and the Bucs go on to win 9-to-1, and they clinch the district title.