Sulphur, Barbe Play In The Rain; St. Louis Wins In The Rain

When Barbe and Sulphur met earlier this season, the Golden Tors won the game 1-to-nothing in nine innings.

The Bucs and the Tors were champing at the bit to get back on the field today in their second meeting of the year.

And then the rains came.

But even if you can't play baseball, you can find other things to do.

For example, there's team tic-tac-toe. And not sure who won this one.

And then some life-size bowling or perhaps that was just an excuse to fall down.

And of course, the great national pastime of curling.

And then, a tradition unlike any other... Golf on a baseball field with a baseball bat and a baseball. Only on KPLC Sports.

The baseball game has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Across town, St. Louis and Beau Chene decided to play in the slop.

Down 1-nothing in the 3rd, Blue David singles up the middle, Dylan Manuel scores to tie it up at 1 apiece.

Top of the 4th, Lain Quebedeaux hits one foul down the right field line and here comes Manuel with the diving catch! Except the ball comes out. Almost the play of the year right there.

Bottom of the 4th, Michael Eccles hits a flare out to left, it drops in and Lenny Breda comes home to give the Saints the lead.

Then Blue David again, into right center, that brings home Eccles to make it 3-to-1.

And St. Louis goes on to beat Beau Chene by the final of 6-to-1.