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Local pet store helping Zoo of Acadiana's recovery efforts


Following the dramatic robbery and subsequent death of two famed birds at the Zoo of Acadiana last week, a Southwest Louisiana pet store is stepping up their efforts to assist in the zoo's recovery.

"My daughter and I visit the Zoo of Acadiana often and just a few weeks ago, we were there and saw Kiwi perform in the show," said Kimberly Hanks, an organizer of the fundraiser. "It broke my heart to hear that someone would do something like that and that Kiwi had died."

Hanks, her 5-year-old daughter and Misha's Pet Store, with locations in Lake Charles and Sulphur, have started "For the Birds," a fundraiser to replace Kiwi with a bird of similar value and character.

"We've had our fair share of vandalism and burglaries and lost pets so we know what the zoo is going through," said Christina Babcock, co-owner of Misha's. "When you lose a pet that way, it makes you not want to come to work and it's just really hard."

Employees of the pet store are asking customers upon checkout if they'd like to donate to the "For the Birds" fundraiser. The fundraiser will last until the store gets enough money to purchase a bird that would replace Kiwi. Babcock said that dollar amount is between $800 and $1,000. 

"So far, we've gotten about $60 so we're off to a good start," said Hanks.

Donations are being accepted at Misha's Pet Store locations in Lake Charles and Sulphur.

Sulphur location:
307 West Napoleon
Sulphur, La.
(337) 527-7387

Lake Charles location: 
3459 Nelson Road
Lake Charles, La.
(337) 480-3738

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