Louisiana Traveler - Pass and Provisions

HOUSTON, TX (KPLC) - A Houston restaurant is making quite a name for itself. Chefs Terrance Gallivan and Seth Seigal-Gardner are getting a lot of attention these days with their new restaurant, "The Pass and Provisions." The two met while working up north with famed TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

"We both met while working for Gordon Ramsey in New York," said Gallivan. "We were on the opening team for the Mays concept which is more kind of casual plates in the London Hotel in midtown Manhattan."

The Pass and Provisions is a dual concept restaurant. In the Pass, you get a more refined menu while Provisions is built around that wood-burning oven and churns out roasted meats and fresh pastas.

"I like the concept," said patron Julie Soefer. "I'm more casual, so my preference is eating at Provisions. Usually I'm not much of a reservations person and I do things more last minute."

Siegel-Gardner said the restaurants are designed for today's eating.

"The way we like to eat, more family style, communal. People sharing. Tables passing between each other. It actually has been fun to see it come to fruition, which is the way we thought it would."

The Pass and Provisions has received Eater.com's "so Hot Right Now" and "Most Anticipated Restaurant" awards. It is located at 807 Taft St. In Houston's midtown neighborhood.

For more information, go to www.passandprovisions.com and www.visithouston.com.

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