House committee won't hear Jindal tax repeal

Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Lawmakers declared Gov. Bobby Jindal's push to repeal Louisiana's income taxes dead for the session after the House tax committee refused to discuss the proposals.

The House Ways and Means Committee deferred action Monday on all tax repeal bills, with the committee chairman, Rep. Joel Robideaux, saying the panel doesn't intend to hear them this session.

The decision appeared to kill any chance for Jindal to get passage of his signature legislative agenda item.

Robideaux, a Republican from Lafayette, says the House doesn't support a repeal because of the state's ongoing budget problems and because of difficulties coming up with new tax revenue to offset the lost income tax money.

Robideaux says if the Senate tries to push an income tax repeal, he doesn't believe the House would support it.

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