TOPS eligibility to be debated in today's legislative session

It's a wet and rainy Thursday, but our Sunrise crew is ready to get your day off to a bright start!  Britney Glaser here with a look at some of the stories you can expect:

*Day four of the legislative session in Baton Rouge begins in just a few hours with education topping the debate.  Find out what's in store for the state's tuition scholarship program, TOPS.

*Meanwhile, new legislation could mean more fines for using smart phones while driving.  Texting and driving is already illegal, but a new bill could ban logging onto a social media site.

*Oh baby!  We'll share the story of one of Lake Charles' newest babies, weighing in at 11+ pounds.

*Firefighters held hostage for hours in a suburban Atlanta home are safe after SWAT teams stormed the home, shooting and killing the suspect.

*Meteorologist Ben Terry will be tracking the storm system that is dumping rain across the area.

Make it a Sunrise day!