Zoo burglary suspect dies in Broussard car crash

(Source: KATC-TV)
(Source: KATC-TV)

BROUSSARD, LA (KPLC) - A deadly car crash in Broussard revealed an exotic bird theft from the Zoo of Acadiana.

Broussard Police say 35-year-old Yongcun Su stole three birds from the zoo's veterinary clinic before speeding off in an SUV.

The man eventually crashed in a curve, and the vehicle caught fire.

He was brought to a local hospital where he later died, authorities said.

Police have recovered one of the stolen birds and returned it to the zoo.

A gun and a large amount of cash were also reportedly found in the vehicle.

George Oldenburg, owner of the Zoo of Acadiana, tells KPLC that the suspect drove his vehicle to the back of the zoo.

Oldenburg said he was awakened and spotted a man running toward his home and then go into the clinic area.

Oldenburg said he called 911 and while he waited for police, saw the man going back and forth stealing items.

Of the birds taken was a 10-year-old caique named Kiwi, a star attraction at the zoo.

Kiwi was recovered but has a broken leg and eye injuries, Oldenburg said.

Another bird, an Indian ringed neck parrot, was in the car debris and managed to fly away. The bird has been sighted, Oldenburg said, and zoo officials hope to recapture it.

The third bird, a Senegal parrot, is believed to have perished in the vehicle fire.

"It's all incredibly sad to think that such wonderful creatures were caught up in such an unthinkable act," Oldenburg said.

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