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Two votes defeat Sulphur High Stadium prop

Calcasieu School Bonding District 30 Prop 2 -- It's one of those elections where the outcome was decided by only two votes, and those two "no" votes mean a new Sulphur High School Stadium is on hold for now.

The votes are as yet unofficial, but based on Saturday's numbers, voter turnout in that race was scarcely 6%.

The voting machine totals will be checked on Tuesday and the election results made official on Wednesday, but the area began using computerized voting machines and mistakes are rare.

As you drive by, the Sulphur High Stadium may appear okay. But Calcasieu School Board member Joe Andrepont said it needs to be replaced. The proposal before voters would have provided for a $5.2 million dollar bond issue to demolish the old structure and build a new stadium. The money would have been paid back with a 1.22 mill property tax for 20 years.  But, the proposition failed.

"I was disappointed mainly in the voter turnout. I don't know the exact number of registered voters we have in Bond District 30 but I'd venture to say it's probably close to 20,000 and we had only 1200 voters go out and vote," said Andrepont.

Though voters seem to have spoken, Andrepont admits the defeat shocked many eligible to vote who never made it to the polls. 

"I had a number of people tell me over the weekend, I thought this thing would pass without a problem. I didn't vote. I was at a crawfish boil. I was doing these things, and just failed to go vote. If I had another opportunity I'll make sure I go vote in favor," said Andrepont.

It's not a matter of just putting it on the ballot next month or something. Andrepont said they'll have to wait. 

"We know there's support for a new stadium because there's a need for a new stadium. And what we're going to do at this point is probably wait a couple of years and we'll bring it back and do a better job of informing the voters of what's on the ballot and the need. We had requests from a number of senior citizens for hand rails. And that was included. A new press box, new restroom facilities," said Andrepont.

As much as some may regret not voting Saturday, they'll no doubt have a second chance sometime in the future.

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