72-year-old suspect part of murder investigations across U.S.

Samuel Little (SOURCE: LAPD)
Samuel Little (SOURCE: LAPD)

Authorities across the country are looking into whether a California murder suspect may be responsible for murders in multiple locations, including Southwest Louisiana.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's investigators said Monday they're looking at Samuel Little, a 72-year-old man awaiting trial in Los Angeles.

Little was investigated earlier by the task force created to investigate eight murders in the Jennings area, according to authorities. Now that Little is accused of similar crimes in Los Angeles, detectives said Monday they're taking another look at him.

Jeff Davis authorities aren't alone. In an Associated Press article published Sunday, authorities in at least nine states are looking into cold case files for any connection to the man, who has a long history of criminal activity.

The Associated Press article states: "While much of Little's past is scattered across the country, it is known he spent time in Calcasieu Parish. Deputies cited Little for possession of a crack pipe on May 1, 2012. He was later located in Kentucky."

Little's past is of interest to investigators because of several murders that he may be connected to. In Mississippi, detectives in Pascagoula have re-opened the case of a 22-year-old woman. Little was arrested for the crime but never indicted.

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