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Mayor Roach responds to TIF district failing to pass


Lake Charles voters defeated a proposal on Saturday's ballot to allow the City of Lake Charles to activate Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district on the Lakefront.

Results from the Louisiana Secretary of State's website show 46% of voters (2,413) voted Yes, and 53% of voters (2,770) voted No.

Had it passed, it would have authorized the City of Lake Charles to use the state sales tax base to subsidize a portion of the cost of a proposed hotel at the Lake Charles Civic Center. It would have also allowed the city to construct public improvements in the area.

Mayor Randy Roach said despite the TIF being defeated, they are not discouraged.

"We are disappointed it didn't pass. However, the development of the Lakefront is a community decision - as it should be. We're the size community where we can still work as a  community and make decisions as a community. I like that. I think that is a good thing. And the fact that the majority disagrees or says no that not what we want to do - hey, that's the way it works. And we'll go back to work and try to do something else," said Roach.

The idea behind the hotel would make the Civic Center a convention center and attract other economic development. Roach said he doesn't think the decision by the voters is a deal breaker for the Hotel.

"I can't speak for the hotel, but we will have to have a discussion with them this week to determine what their thoughts are. I think they are willing to look at some other sources of financing. But we will have to have that discussion with HRI. 19 million dollars for a hotel is a lot of money and were only able to identify sources for about 85% of that - so they were looking for another 15% from the city to help plug the gap," said Roach.

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