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Higher education chief troubled by Jindal budget

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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana's higher education commissioner says the governor's budget would leave colleges uncertain of their funding levels next year and create cash flow problems at schools.

Commissioner Jim Purcell told the House Appropriations Committee that he's troubled by Gov. Bobby Jindal's budget recommendation.

Jindal's spending plan would plug $490 million in patchwork funding into colleges - dollars that are tied to leases, property sales, legal settlements and legislation that haven't yet happened.

If the dollars don't show up, higher education would take a 19% cut.

Purcell said Thursday that he'd like to see the risk spread out among state agencies, rather than concentrated in higher education.

Barry Dusse, director of the governor's Office of Planning and Budget, said the Jindal administration is confident the dollars will show up for spending.

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